Promoted by Neetu and Prabhakar, PERCS started as “Research firm” into valuation in 2010. Soon its valuation model attracted clients looking to invest into equity market and firms buying commodities.

By 2014 it was clear that clients are looking for input beyond just research paper. Hence, PERCS started delivering lecture and training sessions on valuation. This attracted demand for training from corporate clients not just in financial domain but host of other domains.

Driven by vision of “To be preferred …”

PERCS started capturing mind and market share into host of learning domain. As things stand in 2017, PERCS is servicing 8 training domains. In 2017, opportunity knocked the door again in the form of recruitment for its client. Once again, driven by its vision and mission, PERCS built on the opportunity by acquiring competencies required for recruitment and that too at great speed.

Going forward, in 2018, PERCS will introduce “Certification” programs. These certification programs will synergize the two services currently offer by PERCS, namely training and recruitment. This will further strengthen our “Mission” of dominating the section of HR solutions that we provide.


To be the preferred supplier of HR Solutions to clients by benchmarking ourselves against the global best practices and maintaining the cost competitiveness


To be the dominating player of few selected HR solutions globally.

For example, to dominate HR solutions for sales domain by providing sales training, recruitment, certification courses both offline and online.


To achieve 1 cr topline by consolidating key relationship, expanding business with existing relationship, acquiring new accounts and expanding into recruitment.


  • Consistency
  • Efficient
  • Precision
  • Ethical