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Certification Program

Research proves that consumer buy service and products to satisfy one of the 6 emotions but justifies purchase with logic.

Moreover, there are 5 buying decisions everyone makes when someone tries to sell them something. These 5 buying decision always occur in precise, psychological order.

Salesman who are able to identify the emotional need of a consumer and are able to synchronize themselves with the 5-stage decision making of a consumer, are STAR Salesman. Such salesmen, on an average, are able to outperform average salesmen by 50%. Also, when these salesmen improve on their process selling with further value addition of “Soft skills”, they become MASTER SALESMAN.

Master Salesman knows that “Sales is Science”.

Sales becomes science when selling is converted into Process that takes consumer to buying - step by step. As a process, Salesman establishes personal rapport to discover the consumer’s motives, provide solution that satisfies motive and helps consumer take positive decisions NOW thereby creating a WIN- WIN situation. Such process selling not only help salesmen make higher number of sales but also superior quality of sales and win lifelong clients with opportunity of repeat sales. Such salesmen also get high quality referral from existing clients.

While doing the above, salesman uses his superior “Soft Skill” and make interaction with consumer a “Delight”!!

But is it possible to convert sales into a process? Absolutely YES!!!

Sales process has 7 stages and PERCS help you learn and practise it in your daily sales call. This is done via our certification programs. We have two certifications:

  1. A basic Sales program of 6 days
  2. An advance Sales program of 3 days

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